Elon Musk’s Boring Tunnels at 2X the Boring Size

Those Boring Tunnels, the ones being built right under Vegas, are traditionally built to fit a Tesla in the the Boring Companies typical 12 foot diameter tunnel, but what if they were made twice as big?  The Boring Company set out in 2016 to solve traffic congestion on surface streets.  Since then many short tunnelprojects within a few cities have been major projects currently for TBC.   Talk of making 21 foot diameter tunnels, enough to fit two shipping containers side-by-side is supposedly happening with TBC and a few potential clients.  Many enthusiasts of the tunnels have speculated that the tunnels could be used for more than just chauffeuring of humans but also transferring goods.  Currently the cost savings compared to other past engineered tunneling group’s projects comes down to the diameter of the tunnel, disposing of the bored earth, and

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