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Tesla raises Full Self-Driving Capability’s price to $12,000

Tesla has raised the price of its Full Self-Driving Capability to $12,000. The adjustment comes less than two years since the company raised FSD’s price from $8,000 to $10,000 back in 2020.  The recent price increase was initially announced by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter earlier this month. In his update, Musk stated that FSD’s […] Read More

Fresh batch of Tesla Model Y sighted in Giga Texas

A batch of Tesla Model Y vehicles was recently spotted at Gigafactory Texas, the EV manufacturer’s new headquarters. Speculations suggest that the recent sighting could be one of the first batches of Model Ys produced in Giga Texas.  While there were only a few Model Ys, the sighting hints that–at least–trial production has started at Giga […] Read More

Tesla rolls out new firmware in hopes to solve heat pump issues

Tesla’s widely-publicized issues with heat pumps over the past several weeks are being solved by a firmware update, CEO Elon Musk commented this past weekend. “Fixing this is a high priority,” Musk said on Saturday. The heat pump has been an integral part of Tesla’s plan to combat range diminishment in colder climates. However, the […] Read More

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